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Drum Kit 002: Helium

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Introducing Drum Kit 002: Helium

The 2nd drum kit in our table of elements collection is sure to please those looking for a vintage meets future drum sound. From the reverse risers to the booming impacts this kit has what you need for your next track. Helium is a 36 piece airy trip hop/ industrial drum kit with deep & boomy sub kicks & impacts,  4 snappy snares & uniquely designed toms & SFX. 36 uniquely designed Wav files14.3 mb recorded at 24 bit/44.1 kHz these professionally designed sounds will fit into any modern genre of music.

Royalty free, mixed mastered & ready to go!! 

- 9 SFX

- 4 Kicks/Sub

- 7 Snares

- 6 Toms/impacts

-10 Cymbals