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Sample Pack 001: Rainsticks, Shakers & Bells

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  (Shakers used in Hand Drum Combo Demo) 

91 High quality unique single-shot Wav files recorded at 24 Bit 44.1 kHz 

48.3 MB

Axatse Shaker - 14 wav files

-The axatse is a West African rattle-like percussion instrument. The axatse is traditionally a dried gourd, wrapped in a beaded net. The axatse originated in Ghana, Togo and in the Volta region by the Ewe people. The axatse is closely related to the shekere, though the axatse is usually made from a smaller gourd. 

Navajo Shaker - 18 wav files

-Native American rattles and shakers as they are known to Native Americans are very important to the Native American western Navajo culture as well as other tribes. An Indian rattle may be used as a dance rattle or to accompany the rhythm of the Native Indian drums.

Rain Sticks - 33 wav files

-A rainstick is a long, hollow tube partially filled with small pebbles or beans that has small pins or thorns arranged helically on its inside surface. When the stick is upended, the pebbles fall to the other end of the tube, making a sound reminiscent of rain falling. The rainstick is believed to have been invented by the Mapuches and was played in the belief it could bring about rainstorms. Rainsticks are usually made from any of several species of cactus. 

Ceremony Bell - 12 wav files

-A bell is a directly struck ideophone percussion instrument Most bells have the shape of a hollow cup that when struck vibrates in a single strong strike tone, with its sides forming an efficient resonator. The strike may be made by an internal "clapper" or "uvula", an external hammer, or—in small bells—by a small loose sphere enclosed within the body of the bell 

Gankogua Bell - 14 wav files

-The Gankogui is an African bell. This simple percussion instrument is made of forged iron and comes in various sizes.